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November 9, 2012 Paternity Testing Articles

Hair DNA testing

When there is not option but to carry out DNA testing in a discreet manner, hair is the first sample that comes to mind.  When you pull a strand of hair out of your head, you would think that it would be worthless right? Well, you are wrong! A strand of hair can be considered to be quite useful but not the best DNA testing sample.

Where is the DNA in hair?

When you are considering doing a DNA test using hair, you will need the piece of hair to be directly from the root that still contains hair follicles.   If you collect hair directly from the brush for DNA testing, chances are that you will collect hair that is not useful.  Most of the time, when hair has fallen out, it is only because it has broken and does not fall out of the root.. If you want to use hair, it will most likely have to be pulled from the head so that it is guaranteed that it will be coming from the root, as well as it is guaranteed to contain hair follicles.

Discreet DNA testing

Discreet DNA testing using has become popular over the years because it is an easy way to get DNA testing done in secret of the person you want to test.  This has proven to be very useful in cases where parents don’t want to advise their children until they feel they are ready for this kind of information or before they know for sure the truth.  There has even been access to at home DNA testing that can require you to use your hair. These particular tests are easy to obtain online and can be done in the privacy of your own home.  There usually is an additional cost to add to the standard fee of the cheek swab test, but this is because your sample needs to be analyzed by a forensic system.

Court admissible DNA testing.

For any legal DNA testing, it is normal that consent from any participating adult of a legal guardian in the case of minors, is required. In many cases it is not possible to do a discreet DNA test.  Test that are purchased online are normally required to be carried out with the assistant of a medical doctor or general practitioner who can fill up the documentation that needs to accompany the samples collected. At no time are the participants allowed to handle the samples to avoid any possible exchange or falsification of swab samples.  Testing is carried out in the exact same manner but the result is then endorsed by a notary and is also accompanied by the documentation endorsed by the general practitioner.

As we approach the near future many possibilities are opening up and DNA testing is now as easy to access as and as simple as buying a train or plane ticket.