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What are the Advantages of Mobile Paternity Testing?

Genetic studies show that humans get half of their DNA from the father and half from the mother. It is not unusual for a mother to be uncertain of which man fathered the child. Paternity testing comes with medical, personal and legal benefits to the mother, the child and the father.

Unlike the past, one doesn’t have to spend endless hours in labs waiting for paternity test results to come back. This is due to the fact that nowadays paternity tests are coming to you! Mobile paternity testing is becoming more popular by the day. There are various advantages of utilizing a mobile paternity testing truck (paternity testing van) as opposed to fixed centres, although both have their advantages.

Paternity tests can be carried out both before and after child birth. This process is not overly complicated and does not take long before the results come back. Typically results may be collected within a few working days of the samples reaching the lab but in emergency cases results can be collected within 48 hours. Every father has a right to demand for a DNA test if they have doubt over biological parentage. Mobile paternity testing is an easy way for parents to conduct a paternity test, as the paternity testing van comes to you.

Mobile paternity testing saves you a lot of time and money. Professionals bring the test to you and their services are very cost efficient. Mobile DNA tests are also known to be very accurate. The biological father will have test results in excess of 99.9%. If the test results have a return of 98% this may serve as an indication that the person is related but is not necessarily the father.

Mobile paternity testing will also come in handy when the person to be tested is not very complying or is not readily available. These tests involve a buccal swab sample and are conducted at one’s current location. This reduces the need for an individual to travel to a fixed centre to have the test carried out. In most cases, the samples are taken and sent to advanced labs in various parts of the United States. The final results are usually sent over within 48 hours of the lab receiving your samples.

Many people have welcomed this move by health professionals with more and more fathers being tested each year. According to experts many are embracing the idea of mobile DNA testing due to the convenience and speed that the service offers.

What about online DNA testing?

More convenient than paternity testing from a van, online paternity tests means doing everything from your own home without even leaving your front door step. You can discuss your test directly with somebody, order your test online and have the kit delivered to your house. Once you have the kit, you collect the samples and send the samples back for laboratory analysis. Results are typically sent by email which means you just need to log into your email account on your due date to view them.

As the paternity testing van discreetly meets you at your desired location in an unmarked van, there is total anonymity. It also save you much time, money and allows you peace of mind once the results are completed.

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5 Main Reasons for a Home Paternity Test covered

Many are talking about at home paternity testing as it is now being easily offered to every person at affordable prices.  Some people might think that it is too good to be true, but it is true indeed.  This has become a possibility thanks to the latest advancements in technology.  It has become the more affordable and effective way of solving the question of paternity in many families.

How easy it is to get the at home paternity test done.

Simple steps will have you complete the test in some minutes.

At home paternity testing

Paternity Testing: Need to Find out?

You will receive a testing kit at home that contains all you need in order to proceed.  It consists of simple, sterile cotton swabs with which you are required to collect cheek cells by rubbing the cotton end on the inside of your mouth.  This is completely the safest and the most effective sample and the cells are absorbed by the cotton and are preserved intact until they reach the laboratory.  Following the simple steps will ensure that you collect a useable sample.  It is important to notice that there is absolutely nothing you can do in error that will in turn give you an incorrect result.  This is not possible.

Testing in complete privacy

Doing it at home means that you can also put your mind at rest that you will have all the privacy that you require.

With the possibility of collecting the samples yourself, in the comfort of your own, you gain the advantage of privately carrying out the test without anyone knowing.  This is especially useful if you live in a small town or even if you just want to be the only person to know about the test.  A reputable DNA testing company will respect your privacy and will not disclose any confidential information to third parties.

At home testing means more affordability

At home Paternity test means less costs and more savings with more quality.

An at home DNA paternity test is affordable and can be obtained by any individual or household.  The set up of the test enables you to spend less for the same high quality standard you would expect in any highly accredited testing laboratory.  You do not need to rely any more a medical expert to collect your sample and you do not necessarily need to rely on clinics of hospitals to get your test done.

Access international high standards from the comfort of your home.

Access international high standard right from your home without any need for travel.

High standard in DNA testing are not available in all countries.  Many testing laboratories do not offer a superior standard of accreditation.  Only a very few laboratories offer an ISO17025 accreditation, meaning that they guarantee the highest accuracy and attention to detail.  An at home DNA paternity test gives the possibility to access these high standards, anytime, anywhere.  You are able to have testing carried out by laboratories that are even higher is standards than any laboratory available locally.

An at home paternity test in every home all over the world.

At home DNA testing can travel all over the world.  The simple sample collection kit can be taken to every corner of the globe.

Many international DNA testing companies offer support in many different languages.  With offices in different countries and personal that speak your language, they are able to provide you with the service even if you live in a remote location.  Participants of one test might even live is different locations.  Without have to each leave their own home in their individual country, the test can still be carried out and completed.

It is a new era for at home Paternity testing.   A time when it is now available to everyone, a time when  it affordable and accessible.

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The Different DNA Paternity Tests

There are a lot of people finding themselves needing to have DNA Paternity test done, especially if they are getting pregnant out of wedlock. A lot of people have a lot of questions about DNA tests and how they are carried out. Although having a DNA test is a big deal, it is a very simple procedure and completely painless.

A DNA test can either be done in a clinic, or a more popular option has been completing DNA tests in the comfort of your home by purchasing it online. Depending on where you are getting your DNA test at depends on how the tests run. DNA tests that are carried out in a clinic are pretty simple. There are some clinics that will allow you to walk in, but there are some clinics that require you to have an appointment. If you are getting your cheek swabbed, then a large Q-tip looking tool is used to swab the side of your cheek collecting the tissues and DNA that is needed to proceed with your DNA test.  If you are doing a DNA test that requires blood samples, then either blood will be drawn, or you will be pricked on your fingertips to get just enough blood for a sample for the test to be done. If you choose to do your own DNA test at your home then the process will be a little bit different than having it done in a clinic. Most DNA testing kits can be purchased in the pharmacy section of the store. If the particular pharmacy doesn’t carry DNA testing kits, you can have the pharmacist have one ordered to the store. Inside the DNA at home testing kit will include the cheek swab, the labels, and the consent papers that need to be signed by both parties giving their permission to have their DNA tested. As soon as the DNA test is completed, the samples will need to be sent off to be tested.

What about if I want a prenatal paternity test?

Prenatal paternity testing is clearly more complicated than standard paternity testing. This is because one must somehow get hold of a DNA sample from the unborn fetus. There are a number of methods available to do this. You can either have an OBGYN carry out amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (invasive procedures which are best avoided). Alternatively, you can opt for a new non invasive method of fetal DNA sampling which is done via a maternal blood extraction.

Depending on where you are getting your DNA test done, or what route you choose whether you are getting it done in a clinic or doing it in your home will depend on things like the cost of the tests, accuracy, and how long it will take to get the results back. If you choose to have your DNA tests done in a clinic with professionals, then it will cost more than doing it at home. In clinic tests can costs as much as $400, and at home tests can be as low as $20.

There are many people that find themselves needing to have paternity tests done, but they have many questions about it. There are many DNA Paternity testing labs that are found all around the world that gives out free information on the tests that are done at their clinics.

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The Process for a Paternity DNA Test

Paternity DNA testing is a safe and effective process for establishing that an alleged male is the biological father of an offspring. There are benefits of proving paternity including the ability to obtain child support, citizenship (or immigration), inheritance or Social Security benefits. Finally, paternity DNA testing can also be used to discover family medical history.

The Different types of Paternity testing

There are two types of tests:

1) Private testing, which can be done in the privacy of your own home. This is also called at home paternity testing.Many online companies specialise in this and offer cheap online testing.

2) Legal testing, which is done in a more official manner having samples, collected in the presence of an official witness who can verify the identities of the persons participating.

Both private (at home) and legal testing are carried out in the exact same manner.  Always pay attention to order your at home test from an accredited laboratory.

The at home paternity test

With a private at home DNA test you begin by ordering your test online. A home sampling kit is sent out to you in the post. The instructions are simple to follow.  A swab is used to collect cells from the inside of a person’s mouth. The swab is allowed to air dry and placed back into separate envelopes. You are then asked to submit the sample back, normally in a self-addressed envelope, to the laboratory for testing.  This is done either by post or by courier. Private DNA testing results are not admissible in court but do provide you with the same accurate result. They can prove the paternity when a court case is not likely needed and matters can be settled on a personal level.

The Legal Paternity Test

The legal paternity test is done with the assistance of an official witness.  This normally is a doctor.  The sample collection is done in front of the witness. There are consent forms to sign and proof of identity as part of the strict chain-of- command process. These results are admissible in court and are often required when a legal battle is likely to ensue.  Due to the formalities involved legal DNA paternity tests are more expensive to administer. The test results are strictly confidential.

The Paternity test result

The test results show the probability that the man tested is the biological father or the results rule him out as being the biological father.   This is normally calculated as a percentage that gives you a probability of paternity.  In most cases it is only possible to obtain either a 0% or a 99.99%.

When can a paternity test be carried out?

There is no minimum age for a child to be tested but DNA tests done on newborn infant is safer after the baby is born than paternity tests done during pregnancy. There is always an element of risk when testing babies in vitro unless you are carrying out the new non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

What sample is best to use?

Although blood samples or hair follicles can be used in DNA paternity testing, swabbing cells from inside of one’s mouth is easy, non-intrusive and painless. It is the preferred method for DNA paternity testing. While mothers do not have to be tested when the alleged father and child are tested, it is better to test the mother to avoid having to later add her sample if it is later needed as in one of the rare cases. If the alleged father is deceased or missing, different types of tests can be carried out on members of the father’s immediate family.

Finally, regulations may vary by state. Before carrying out any paternity testing, contact your state agency to find out specific rules and regulations before you begin testing.

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Hair DNA testing

When there is not option but to carry out DNA testing in a discreet manner, hair is the first sample that comes to mind.  When you pull a strand of hair out of your head, you would think that it would be worthless right? Well, you are wrong! A strand of hair can be considered to be quite useful but not the best DNA testing sample.

Where is the DNA in hair?

When you are considering doing a DNA test using hair, you will need the piece of hair to be directly from the root that still contains hair follicles.   If you collect hair directly from the brush for DNA testing, chances are that you will collect hair that is not useful.  Most of the time, when hair has fallen out, it is only because it has broken and does not fall out of the root.. If you want to use hair, it will most likely have to be pulled from the head so that it is guaranteed that it will be coming from the root, as well as it is guaranteed to contain hair follicles.

Discreet DNA testing

Discreet DNA testing using has become popular over the years because it is an easy way to get DNA testing done in secret of the person you want to test.  This has proven to be very useful in cases where parents don’t want to advise their children until they feel they are ready for this kind of information or before they know for sure the truth.  There has even been access to at home DNA testing that can require you to use your hair. These particular tests are easy to obtain online and can be done in the privacy of your own home.  There usually is an additional cost to add to the standard fee of the cheek swab test, but this is because your sample needs to be analyzed by a forensic system.

Court admissible DNA testing.

For any legal DNA testing, it is normal that consent from any participating adult of a legal guardian in the case of minors, is required. In many cases it is not possible to do a discreet DNA test.  Test that are purchased online are normally required to be carried out with the assistant of a medical doctor or general practitioner who can fill up the documentation that needs to accompany the samples collected. At no time are the participants allowed to handle the samples to avoid any possible exchange or falsification of swab samples.  Testing is carried out in the exact same manner but the result is then endorsed by a notary and is also accompanied by the documentation endorsed by the general practitioner.

As we approach the near future many possibilities are opening up and DNA testing is now as easy to access as and as simple as buying a train or plane ticket.

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Prenatal Paternity Testing developments

Prenatal Paternity Testing

Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

Prenatal Paternity testing will help all women who need to determine who the father of the baby is before the baby is born, especially if you have had one or more sex partners prior to getting pregnant.  A lot of women who are uncertain who the father is will have many sleepless nights wondering, but there are options of paternity testing while the mother is still carrying the child.

As technology progresses, new technologies are created to determine the father of the child while the mother is still pregnant. Many doctor are still however offering the older invasive methods such as:

  • Amniocentesis, where a thin needle is used to collect amniotic fluid from the uterus. After the amniotic fluid is collected, it is sent off to the laboratory to be tested. When collecting the fluid, it only takes several of minutes for the whole process to be completed.
  • Chorionic villi sampling, which is where a catheter is inserted into the vaginal area, and passed through the cervical area, a very small piece of the chorionic villi, or placenta is taken. In some cases, a needle might be used to get the sample of the chorionic villi.

For the parents that are being tested, the mother and expected father, a blood sample or a cheek swab is done to get the DNA. Usually the test results are determined within 2-4 weeks after the test has been done. These are the two tests that can be done while you are still pregnant, in most cases they can be done by your General Practitioner, but in some cases, your doctor will send you to a specialist, such as a Gynecologist, to get the paternity testing done while you are pregnant.  This test can be done as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy. As time and technology progresses, new tests are being experimented to see if there are any other ways to determine the paternity while the mother is still pregnant.

Although some women might consider this important, it can bring on some health issues for both the mother and unborn child. Paternity testing that is done while the mother is still carrying the baby has been known to cause infections in the mother, cause pre-term labor, and even miscarriage. Not to mention the cost of the test. There aren’t any insurance companies that will cover paternity testing to be completed while the mother is still pregnant because it is not a big priority for it to be done.

In most cases, paternity testing that is done while you are still pregnant can cost up to $2,000 depending on which method that you decide to go with, and where you go to have it done. There is also an extra feed for the blood work or cheek swabs that is taken as well.

The new Non-Invasive Paternity Test

A new era were new Non-Invasive paternity testing is a possibility has now come forth.  Through the latest technology called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP).  With this technology, cell free fetal DNA can be detected in the pregnant mother’s blood from as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy.  This prenatal paternity testing offers an extremely precise result without the hassles of visiting a gynecologist to undergo any kind of invasive procedure.

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Paternity Fraud

Once a father, if unsure, you should always seek a paternity test.  Nowadays, there are rampant happenings of paternity fraud in the US. This situation happens when a child acquires a support from someone who is not biologically linked to him, but is claimed by the mother to be. This can happen in those cases of extramarital affairs during the subsistence of marriage, and even when a woman has multiple partners which result into pregnancy.  Rather than admitting the paternity of her child, a woman would usually resort to covering up and name the wrong person as the father of the child. If the man succumbs to this deception and acknowledges the child, he ends up being responsible for the child’s support until the child reaches adulthood.

How child support works.

A man who acknowledges the paternity of a child when a woman points him to be is required under the law to set aside a specific amount of his income in order to support the child’s needs. If he will unable to give this monetary support or failed to do so, he may be ordered to be committed to jail.

 Paternity Fraud with no consequences.

Cases of paternity fraud are believed to be rampant because of the fact that there is no law that punishes the act of naming the wrong father of a child. This act of a woman is not even legally defined to be a crime. Moreover, this act can be gleaned as being supported in the society. It is noteworthy that a child who does not have his father named is being given support by the state. Agencies for social support has an interest when a woman points into someone to have sired his child, as the agency can get the reimbursement for what they have given. The only victim left is the man who is not witty enough to question first the fact of the paternity of the child.

Paternity testing is the answer.

Those men who are in doubt as to the paternity of a child and would not want to be a victim of paternity fraud must be vigilant to ask for the establishment of this fact. When a case is brought in court raising paternity issues, the court will require that a man and the child be tested. The result will establish the biological link of the father and the child, and if there is a need to give support. They will usually require that a certified clinic do the procedure. Those who cannot afford this kind of process and would not want to be exposed to the controversy of a court hearing, has the option of doing an at home peace of mine test that will enable them to take the decision to recognize their child or not.

 At home Paternity Testing.

Paternity testing kits are available in the market and online as an easy and comfortable way of testing to find out if you are the father. Collecting DNA samples with a home kit is simple. The kit includes everything which you will need in order to proceed with the testing. It comes with a detailed instruction in order to make sure you collect a useable sample. It is also significantly cheaper and has faster release of results as compared to those done in clinics. The only task left is to make sure to choose a reliable online provider of paternity testing service that states it is highly accredited.

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DNA testing done at home

Many people have a lot of questions about the at home DNA test and how they work, how accurate are they, and how long it takes to get the results back. This is just some of the questions that are asked when considering on DNA testing.

Which DNA test?

When you are certain that you are ready to have a DNA test done, you can choose whether you want to have it done in a clinic, or if you want to go ahead with an at home DNA test. A lot of people these days are choosing more to do the DNA testing at home because they are more comfortable and confidential. There are different DNA testing companies that offer this type of test.  This type of test costs less because the easy oral swab is collected by yourself rather than a professional. DNA tests that are purchased online can range from 100- 300$ and that includes the lab work itself as well.  If you have it done in a clinic, you will have to pay the professional fees for the doctor to collect the oral swab himself. If you need a DNA test done because of court reasons however, there is other way but to have it done in the presence of a doctor who can verify your identities.

What about accuracy and time scales?

Of course, it impossible, due to certain factors to completely guarantee that the paternity test is 100% accurate.  With tests that are done in an accredited laboratory you will obtain an accuracy of 99.99+%.   Many different DNA testing companies offer you testing at different time scales.  Some give you the advantage of receiving your results within 3-5 working days, while others might take as long as up to 7-10 working days.

DNA testing samples

Each DNA test needs a sample.  The most popular, easy and efficient sample is the saliva sample collected with the help of sterile oral swabs.  Many companies offer the possibility of testing a variety of samples which some consider to be either non-standard samples or discreet samples. Some might be of the idea that blood or hair samples are the better option, when in fact they are not.  Laboratories find it more challenging to find the required DNA, will charge you more for the test and cannot give you a guarantee the it will succeed.

When wanting to proceed with an at home DNA test it is always of high recommendation to initially get in touch with the customer care team of the company in order to get the assistance required.

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Cheap Paternity Testing Online

There are many considering the option of cheap paternity testing online as the legal proceeding to establish paternity of a child can really be costly. In a legal proceeding, the alleged father is requested to undergo a DNA testing with an clinic, having samples collected by a doctor as a witness. Typically, legal paternity testing is used in cases of child custody, changing names of a birth certificate and paternity fraud. For those, who would not want to undergo this difficult process, cheap paternity testing online is an option. The method costs significantly lesser as compared to that charged by any clinic, but this test is carried out in the exact same manner and therefor give the same accurate results. Those, who are in doubt in the paternity of a child, may wonder how this method works. This article will teach you how cheap accredited paternity testing online works and the many benefits it can bring you.

Where can this cheap paternity test be obtained?

Foremost, you have to be aware that there are numerous websites offering cheap paternity testing online. In choosing one, you have to read some reviews about the site to ensure that you will deal only with a reliable site. Once you were able to choose the site, you have to place an order to purchase the paternity test kit. The order form online must be filled up which should include payment information for the laboratory fee. The kit includes cheek swabs for 3 persons, sample envelopes, instructions and postpaid return mailer. If you already have the kit, use the cheek swabs and place it in between the mouth and rub against the cheek and the gums of the persons to be tested in order to get the DNA specimen sample. This should be done for about 20 seconds.

How do the samples reach the laboratory?

After collection of the sample, place it in the sample envelope. Indicate the name, birth date and other relevant information asked on the enveloped. Make sure that the enveloped is signed as an indication of the consent of the person to be tested. For a child below 18 years old, the legal guardian must sign for him. Place the order form and the sample envelope should be placed inside the return mailer which is post paid. This will then be tested in the laboratory of your provider of cheap paternity testing online. In less than a week, you will receive your results.

The advantages of cheap paternity testing obtained online

Cheap paternity testing online is ideal for those who do not want to do undergo the process of child acknowledgment online. This method will keep utmost privacy among the concerned parties eliminating exposure to controversy of court cases. This test can also be performed not only when the child is already born, but even if the child is still in the mother’s womb. In this case, a prenatal paternity test will need to be carried out.

If you already have an existing case in the court, you have to remember that the result of cheap paternity testing online may not be admitted as evidence of paternity. This is because of the fact that many state courts do not trust the accuracy of the result of this test if the samples have no been collected by a neutral third party who has witnessed the sample collection and declared in writing the provenance of every sample.

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At Home Paternity Testing and home Kits

If you are looking for absolute convenience, effectiveness and accuracy in terms of your paternity testing needs, you can either go to your local pharmacy or drugstore and obtain a home paternity testing kit or go online and order your test; a paternity test will allow you to determine the biological father of a child.

Paternity testing has come a very long way since we now have available home paternity testing kits readily available. Each kit comes with detailed instructions that are very simple to use. Home paternity tests are great because they make it possible to find out the paternity of a child without involving any courts or lawyers. Each home paternity testing kit comes with two cotton swabs that need to be rubbed in the child’s mouth as well as in the potential father’s mouth, extracting a saliva sample from both the child and the potential father individual. A simple ten second rub will provide enough DNA for the test; these samples are then packed precisely on the same kit and mailed to the laboratory in which they will analyze, test and compare both DNA’s. Almost all home paternity testing kits will send back the results of the DNA test within three to five business days, so that you can take advantage of a rapid and effective analysis of the DNA tests.

One fundamental question that arises is the overall reliability of home paternity testing kits, when they are marketed and promoted as simple and convenient products, an easy way to obtain the results without undergoing too much effort or associated costs. This questioning brings us to the fact that home paternity tests are totally reliable, with many studies conducted showing an accuracy rate of 99.99% or higher, so as long as samples are collected following instructions. In cases where it is not possible to collect samples using orals swabs, the best things to do is contact the DNA testing company and see what other options they have available. They usually provide the possibility of test a variety of other samples.

Be careful of the hidden costs with DNA test kits you purchase at pharmacies – The price of a single paternity testing kit can range anywhere from $20 to $40 and with a laboratory processing fee that can reach as high as $150. In other words, whilst buying the DNA testing kit is cheap, you need to consider the full price of the test once you have paid for everything. With online DNA tests, you pay a full, all inclusive fee which includes the testing and the sample analysis. For these reasons, home paternity tests should only be used as a guide and not as a definite solution for the problem or situation in hand. It is important for all individuals to consider the results of each kind of DNA test based on the accreditation, reputation and overall reliability of every kind of laboratory

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